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Portfolio Gallery

Here you will find albums by each of us that show our portfolios and our hobbies. Enjoy!

Photography & Frames Photography & Frames Me and Sarah in 20 years 153158988 The Best Breakfast Ever 153158989 Smoked Glass Mirror 153158990 Oxidized Copper 153158991 Casidhe on Location 153158992 Pinhole Photography Casidhe and I photographed the duck (3 minute exposure) 153158993 Presidential Sweet Our Last Night's Stay 153158994 Sheila Choking Rudy 153158995 Rudy and Sheila 153158996 Rudy and Sheila Fair and Square 153159067 Sarah After Her Wedding 153158998 Our Bed Last Night at Lake Placed Lodge 153158999 Fashion After Dinner 153159001 Sarah The Night Before Her Wedding 153158997 Mom's Oxidized Copper 153159065 Frame and Copper 153159066 Rudy's Truck Brian Delivering a load of Hemlock to me 153159068 Brian Stemple My Lumber Man - Rudy's son 153159069 Brian Stemple In my backyard 153159070 Wesley MacDougal 158522427 June 2012 After School 157278788 Coming Home From School 157278789 Sarah's First Day at Motorcycle School 159607673 On Her Way to Motorcycle Safety School 159607674 161897688 161897689 Road Trip to Mass Chris and I went to Chattam Furniture shop to pic up various machinery and tools 163114682 Road Trip to Mass This was one of the best days I have had. Chris and I spent the whole day together. 163114683 163115115 163115116 163115117 163115118 Grand Walnut Frame 171817513 Molding Head and Shaper Made 171817514