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Portfolio Gallery

Here you will find albums by each of us that show our portfolios and our hobbies. Enjoy!

Furniture Furniture Bell Bottom Bench Poplar 153145788 Bell Bottom Bench Hemlock Floor Boards 153145789 Black Oak Bench Thanks for the Planks, Joel 153145790 Black Oak Bench On end 153145791 Black Oak Bench New Perspective 153145792 Black Oak Bench Better Perspective 153145793 White Oak Table Mr. Behan told me that white oak moves a lot when moisture is around 153145794 White Oak Table 153145795 White Oak Table 153145796 Stickley Reproduction Experiments with steam bending 153145797 Stickley Reproduction Set up in Wanda's house 153145798 Stickley Reproduction Me and Milo's Breakfast chair 153145799 White Oak Desk My desk 153145800 White Oak Desk 153145801 White Oak Desk Grandpa's brass drawer pulls 153145802 Step 153145803 Step 153145804 153145805 Hickory Bench 153145806 Stand Nobody wants me 153145807 Here I am again Same old song with nice walkway 153145808 Stickley number 323 The gang 153145809 Deacon's Bench Commission for John's Sister 153145810 Deacon's Bench 153145713 Deacon's Bench 153145714 My Desk enjoying the outdoors with a couple of longboards 153145715 Roycroft Replica Baby's view 153145716 Roycroft Replica Underneath the seat 153145717 Roycroft Replica Saw the chair in a Stickley book 153145718 Roycroft Replica Had to have one 153145719 White Oak Shop Door Mortise and Tenon with Distinguished Christian Cross between Raised Panels. 157277813 Black Cherry Entry Bench 157277934 Grandpa's Chest of Drawers I inherited this piece from Gramps. It held bobbins in a sewing factory 157278195 Writing Desk This desk was made for my son Chris. I like the chair, but it's not my work. 159607324