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Portfolio Gallery

Here you will find albums by each of us that show our portfolios and our hobbies. Enjoy!

Self Portraits Self Portraits Ode To My Elders, 2006 This is a self-portrait with a Scott Brodie painting brochure pinned behind me. Scott Brodie was one of my painting professors in my graduate program. Another painting professor of mine, Deborah Zlotsky painted images of images of famous paintings in books; painting a copy of a I have done with this brochure. 153100306 My Friend Gala, 2006 This is a self portrait insprired by Salvadore Dali's portrait of his wife Gala. 153100304 Goodbye Viola, 2003 A self portrait done while away with my grandmother Viola during her passing. 153100307 Untitled, 2003 Always searching for a new composition and point of view, a goofy self portrait as a painter. 153100308 Facade,2006 A self portrait with a double meaning. Which is the facade, the mask or the face? Are we facades for what we are inside? 153100309 Untitled, 2003 Self portrait. A strong female pose. With some of my portraits, I abandon fashion and make-up and what is considered beautiful, for the raw basic figure. 153100964 Banana Painting, 2006 A self portrait. 153100305